Thursday, 6 February 2014


This is a postmortem of the cascade of events that led to the unbelievable outcome in the constituency of learned friends. Tom Ojienda is the JSC representative for LSK while the colorless Mutua retains his seat. 

Now let us not dwell too much on Mutua’s reelection where there was no much heat generated. I think Mutua rode on a collective amnesia by the lawyers about the chairmanship and concentrated on the JSC representative. We cannot say Ojienda won because of track record. The man participated a TJRC report that some of his colleagues declined to sign after last minute adulterations were made in favour of some powers that be. So the reasons why Ojienda won are in fact intrinsic to the Grand Mullah himself more than they are to Ojienda apart from the fact that the learned friends have come out to be a mirror image of the common man and that ethnicity and tribalism are alive in the legal fraternity. 

Our brothers from the lake who might have their second name as ‘emotions’ might have been gnawing their teeth since Baba lost the petition. The Grand Mullah tore into the petition by Cord with so much zeal that he coined new terms for Wikipedia. That might have bitten him back and obviously Ojienda will gain these votes by default. Similarly the Grand Mullah tore into URP and the ‘pastrolists brethren' after the aborted tribunal that was just constituted to fry him on his own fat. He does not have so much fat in his body which makes it more painful and fulfilling for his enemies. His constant referral to Kanu lawyers might have been taken literally by all including Nick Salat and added to the backlash from the Rift. 

Definitely the Grand Mullah was the right man for the job. Even those who voted against him know that back in their conscious. Some might have been brushed in the wrong by the abrasive nature of the senior counsel but that should be strength rather than a weakness! 

Finally the Grand Mullah has become a victim of the famous ‘use-and-dump’ politics of the people from central Kenya. The president not only appointed a tribunal but also hand-picked individuals who were tailored to skin the Grand Mullah. There were also some reports of the Government fronting a candidate in the LSK elections. The journey of the executive to reclaim control of the judiciary has just begun. The CJ is next. The spineless Kalpana rawal will be our next CJ.

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