Monday, 24 February 2014

Why did Senator Kerrow meet Ethics and Anti-Corruption Chief? Is Ali Roba in the EACC list?

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission(EACC) wants 15 governors charged over alleged graft at their respective counties.  The 15 governors hail from North-Eastern, Western, Central Kenya and the coast. Residents of NEP have been speculating who the NEP governor in EACC list is. Reliable sources have informed QadarsWorld’sblog that Mandera Governor, Ali Roba, is the likely governor from NEP in the EACC list.
Our source also alleges that over the weekend, Mandera Senator Hon Billow Kerrow was seen with the EACC boss. The two were said to be in deep discussion, perhaps pleading for his governor to be expunged from the list.  Of late Mandera County has been under investigations. Recently EACC ‘raided’ the offices of senior officials of the county but the offices were closed before the EACC team arrived and the county Executives and Chief Offices fled. A second impromptu visit by the same team yielded result. That formed the basis of the EACC investigations as far as Mandera County is concerned.
Corrupt governors should be arrested and prosecuted. Ali Roba and his administration has been accused  of misuse of county funds on extravagant and misplaced trips, employing family and friends and awarding tenders to close business associates as indicated in the Auditor General’s report. The county business community also accuse the governor of awarding the governor's residence project tender to his brother in-law.
Is the Senator protecting his governor? Does he have the moral authority, as the Chair of Senate’s Finance and Economic committee, to investigate other governors?

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