Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mandera Governor awards 400 million shilling contract to brother in-law

A section of Mandera County  businessmen have boycotted the tendering process for the construction of the Governor’s residence after it emerged that the  project was given to the Governor’s brother in law, a businessman based in Mombasa without following the due process.

The businessmen allege that the brother-in-law did the feasibility study, designed the house, determined the cost and later given the tender, hence the possibility of inflating the costs. The county government has advertised the construction of the governor’s residence three days ago and the tenders are yet to be submitted.
In a 3-page advert appearing on the Daily Nation of 3rd Feb 2014, the county government has tendered for various projects including the governor’s residency. There is a growing fear that well-connected public officers and the GCOE will use their positions to award contracts to their relatives and close associates, or those with the financial muscle to grease palms.
Mid last year, the county government has tendered for the construction of an international airport, a white elephant project that was suspended after it emerged that it was to be a cash cow of the GCOE and the governor.


  1. Surely Mr Early Robber is saying its Our turn to eat.

  2. this bullshit stop spreading romours , romours!!! if the inlaw can deliever why not and whats is wrong with that?...

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