Monday, 17 February 2014

Graft team to ‘’probe’’ Wajir Governor

Problems for Wajir governor intensified after a Wajir based anti-corruption lobby said it had written to the Auditor-General and the EACC over corruption allegations in the county.  Wajir Governor is the only governor from North-Eastern counties summoned by the Senate.  A section of Wajir residents, opposition county Assembly members and Members of Parliament from the county accused the Governor and his Executives of misuse of public funds terming trips by the executive extravagant and misplaced.
The chairman of Wajir Anti-Corruption and Justice Forum, Mr Mohamed Abikar, said they supported the Senate decision to summon the Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi over allegations of abuse of office.
The anti-corruption watchdog said it was investigating corruption claims in all the 47 counties. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission spokesman Yasin Amaro , speaking to one of the local dailies said his team had received complaints related to procurement and irregular hiring of staff. “We have since launched investigations, which are ongoing,” he said.
According to Kakamega Senator, Dr Khalwale, one governor spent Sh1 million to rent a public address system. On Sunday while addressing a public forum Dr Khalwale posed “Why the tantrums when these people don’t even provide any documentary evidence for the expenditure?”
The Kenya National Audit Bureau says the Auditor-General had concluded an audit in all 47 counties and the reports, which have unearthed irregularities, are set to be tabled in Parliament. There is a shocking high level of sleaze, which has been exposed by the Auditor-General.
Following the impeachment of Embu Governor Martin Wambora by the Senate on Friday, the actions of the county bosses have been thrust into the spotlight, raising concerns over the stability of county governments. Mr Wambora was impeached for ''violating the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005 and Regulations 2013, the Public Finance and Management Act and the Constitution.''

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