Saturday, 8 February 2014

Wajir Community Radio raided by County Officials

The offices of Wajir Community Radio  were raided last night  by police officers and county officials led by the County Director of Press Yahya Dahiye. The radio station was taken off the air for hours, and the radio’s press and equipment damaged and its staff harassed. The county government is characterizing the incident as an evidence-gathering step since it claims “that the 9pm Governance programme was critical of Jiir government’’ the radio management has said.
 Standard newspaper reporter Boniface Ongeri, on his Facebook page says “ according to Yaha Dahiye, the Press Director, they did not switch off neither harass anyone.Yahya says the Radio community management is fabricating issues to attract public outrage. He said he was no accompanied by any police officers. He said the management must have switched off the radio for their own interest. Yahya said they only went their to request the recorded voices to launch a protest letter over unethical practices of the station”
The residents have expressed dismay at the county government's actions, pointing out that there are standard legal recourses to such media actions that should be used, rather than a police attack. Some of the residents are demanding for the resignation of the county press Director, Yahya Mohamed.
The radio has been increasingly critical of the governor, who is seen by many as losing touch with the county.
The following are some of the residents reaction on social media.       
Seri Abdow Dahiye Descendant... U were like the duale of the county gov't and now u are turning out to be a michuki
Mmari Yussuf hooligans on leadership
Abdimalik Hajir Oooh!! freedom of press on trial
Hemedi Tottenham Younizka We are doomed. Thats extreme
El-Hadji Abdinur Governer-Mkuu Failed county goverment.i must admit freedom of Media is on trial in wajir county.
Senetor Maalim Sadik the shackle of doom
Prince Afif Lucy Kibaki style?? did they slap any1?

Abdirahman Noor the evil that men do sometimes surprises the devil, so we have a Mugabe or museveni jnr in Wajir, can't they go to the courts to demand for those voice recordings rather than going there casually??

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