Monday, 19 May 2014


There is surely a ferocious elephant in the room in Wajir County in regards to governance and financial management and integrity. The preposterous style of leadership employed by the governor is immensely deplorable and is informed by canternkerous and arrogant absurdity devoid of any wisdom—the tendency to extinguish a corrosive and insatiable colossal greed is outstanding and all over the place.

Tragic as it may get, the economic mismanagement and amassing of illegal wealth by the governor and his henchmen is moving at a surprisingly rapid pace that needs to be stopped in its tracks before the strings or articulation of Wajir goes back to the central government.
The bulletins and narratives coming to the fore are filtered and are robustly backed by painful and embarrassing facts in the public domain.
It is hugely consternating that the patience of the residents is overstretched and relentlessly put to a test by a previously trusted leader whose character and persona is synonymous with sickening pride and pretentiously over rated self importance.

The new constitutional dispensation that paved way for the much hyped devolution is not in any way a watershed moment for the residents of wajir county, and if anything the people of this county are treated to a ludicrous rhetoric that play a perfect role in smoke- screening a profound and damaging corrupt under hand dealings. This unchecked and devastating large scale economic crimes are detrimental and destructively wrecking-havoc in an already impoverished society and its hard earned finances.
The unfolding astonishing episodes will come to no halt when a trusting society is subjected to unabated drama of political and economic mendacity.

Mischief upon mischief fortified with disintegrated and deceit, will no doubt aggravate the enormity of a potentially explosive mass revolt.
Something is amiss when the unrivalled tolerance of the masses is misconstrued and taken for granted, like a naive and a foolhardy folk effortlessly taken for a ride. An abhorrent gross mismanagement of the fiscal allocations of the county is felt across the whole nation and the shock waves are crippling every sector or spheres of life and, thus wajir is left at the mercy of the malevolent devil—the resultant uproar and damning public disapproval is deafeningly wide spread. Wajir is a county on its knees, but the remedy of its innumerable ills is not in sight or within reach.

Detestable and obdurate plenary sessions are draining the little remaining resources and, these are one of the unfortunate calamities bedevilling that helpless and failed county government of fallacies.

A dysfunctional belittled repugnant county assembly acting at the behest of the beleaguered governor and his beguile foot soldiers is so ill informed, ineffective and
Intellectually incompetent to correct or arrest the pathetic situation. An excruciating bad situation has gotten worse and the buck stops at this famished and unremorseful hegemony. Great deal of time and valuable resources have been wasted and nothing has been rolled out as a progressive blue print or marshall plan for a seriously under developed, drought and insecurity prone county whose public institutions have collapsed or are on the of brink of collapsing. God save the beloved middle county of NEP.