Monday, 24 February 2014

Why did Senator Kerrow meet Ethics and Anti-Corruption Chief? Is Ali Roba in the EACC list?

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission(EACC) wants 15 governors charged over alleged graft at their respective counties.  The 15 governors hail from North-Eastern, Western, Central Kenya and the coast. Residents of NEP have been speculating who the NEP governor in EACC list is. Reliable sources have informed QadarsWorld’sblog that Mandera Governor, Ali Roba, is the likely governor from NEP in the EACC list.
Our source also alleges that over the weekend, Mandera Senator Hon Billow Kerrow was seen with the EACC boss. The two were said to be in deep discussion, perhaps pleading for his governor to be expunged from the list.  Of late Mandera County has been under investigations. Recently EACC ‘raided’ the offices of senior officials of the county but the offices were closed before the EACC team arrived and the county Executives and Chief Offices fled. A second impromptu visit by the same team yielded result. That formed the basis of the EACC investigations as far as Mandera County is concerned.
Corrupt governors should be arrested and prosecuted. Ali Roba and his administration has been accused  of misuse of county funds on extravagant and misplaced trips, employing family and friends and awarding tenders to close business associates as indicated in the Auditor General’s report. The county business community also accuse the governor of awarding the governor's residence project tender to his brother in-law.
Is the Senator protecting his governor? Does he have the moral authority, as the Chair of Senate’s Finance and Economic committee, to investigate other governors?

Monday, 17 February 2014

Graft team to ‘’probe’’ Wajir Governor

Problems for Wajir governor intensified after a Wajir based anti-corruption lobby said it had written to the Auditor-General and the EACC over corruption allegations in the county.  Wajir Governor is the only governor from North-Eastern counties summoned by the Senate.  A section of Wajir residents, opposition county Assembly members and Members of Parliament from the county accused the Governor and his Executives of misuse of public funds terming trips by the executive extravagant and misplaced.
The chairman of Wajir Anti-Corruption and Justice Forum, Mr Mohamed Abikar, said they supported the Senate decision to summon the Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi over allegations of abuse of office.
The anti-corruption watchdog said it was investigating corruption claims in all the 47 counties. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission spokesman Yasin Amaro , speaking to one of the local dailies said his team had received complaints related to procurement and irregular hiring of staff. “We have since launched investigations, which are ongoing,” he said.
According to Kakamega Senator, Dr Khalwale, one governor spent Sh1 million to rent a public address system. On Sunday while addressing a public forum Dr Khalwale posed “Why the tantrums when these people don’t even provide any documentary evidence for the expenditure?”
The Kenya National Audit Bureau says the Auditor-General had concluded an audit in all 47 counties and the reports, which have unearthed irregularities, are set to be tabled in Parliament. There is a shocking high level of sleaze, which has been exposed by the Auditor-General.
Following the impeachment of Embu Governor Martin Wambora by the Senate on Friday, the actions of the county bosses have been thrust into the spotlight, raising concerns over the stability of county governments. Mr Wambora was impeached for ''violating the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005 and Regulations 2013, the Public Finance and Management Act and the Constitution.''

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Governor disowns county Press Director as Radio goes to Court over raid.

Wajir Governor Ahmed Jiir addressing residents at a past function.


Wajir County Governor Ahmed Jiir Abdullahi has distanced himself from the Wajir Community Radio raid over the weekend by county officials. Ahmed Jiir said he was shocked by the raid led by the County Press Director one Yahya Dahiye.  
The governor is in a heap of hot water for not being in touch with the real situation of the county. After an onslaught of criticism from residents and media stake holders all over the country, the good governor has humbled himself by apologizing to the Wajir Community Radio board. According to reliable source, the  governor insisted that he ''was not aware of the raid and  I have never questioned  the said governance program that prompted the raid'',the governor is quoted to have said.
The governor stopped short of saying that he felt the timing was wrong and was calculated to incite the public against county government by opening a new battlefront against him in what he perceive as a wider war against his government by “enemies of wajir”.
Meanwhile, a wajir based human right organization is planning to take the county government to court over the illegal and unconstitutional raid.  

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Wajir Community Radio raided by County Officials

The offices of Wajir Community Radio  were raided last night  by police officers and county officials led by the County Director of Press Yahya Dahiye. The radio station was taken off the air for hours, and the radio’s press and equipment damaged and its staff harassed. The county government is characterizing the incident as an evidence-gathering step since it claims “that the 9pm Governance programme was critical of Jiir government’’ the radio management has said.
 Standard newspaper reporter Boniface Ongeri, on his Facebook page says “ according to Yaha Dahiye, the Press Director, they did not switch off neither harass anyone.Yahya says the Radio community management is fabricating issues to attract public outrage. He said he was no accompanied by any police officers. He said the management must have switched off the radio for their own interest. Yahya said they only went their to request the recorded voices to launch a protest letter over unethical practices of the station”
The residents have expressed dismay at the county government's actions, pointing out that there are standard legal recourses to such media actions that should be used, rather than a police attack. Some of the residents are demanding for the resignation of the county press Director, Yahya Mohamed.
The radio has been increasingly critical of the governor, who is seen by many as losing touch with the county.
The following are some of the residents reaction on social media.       
Seri Abdow Dahiye Descendant... U were like the duale of the county gov't and now u are turning out to be a michuki
Mmari Yussuf hooligans on leadership
Abdimalik Hajir Oooh!! freedom of press on trial
Hemedi Tottenham Younizka We are doomed. Thats extreme
El-Hadji Abdinur Governer-Mkuu Failed county goverment.i must admit freedom of Media is on trial in wajir county.
Senetor Maalim Sadik the shackle of doom
Prince Afif Lucy Kibaki style?? did they slap any1?

Abdirahman Noor the evil that men do sometimes surprises the devil, so we have a Mugabe or museveni jnr in Wajir, can't they go to the courts to demand for those voice recordings rather than going there casually??