Sunday, 26 January 2014

Mandera is an Al-Shabab town, says Parliament

A joint parliamentary committee investigating the Westgate Shopping Mall terror attack has alleged Mandera is a terrorist town and that security agencies are no longer in-charge of the border town.
In a chilling finding on the extent of the terror threat from Al-shabab, the joint parliamentary committee claim security forces have neglected the town and surrendered it to terrorist. The committee further notes that the security agencies have no control of the town, especially at night.
The committee’s report proposes that “government should demolish all illegal structures erected at the ‘no-man’s land’ and clearly demarcate the border between Kenya and Somalia. A major trench should be dug to deter immigrants from crossing the border. People should only be allowed to cross at designated areas and screening of people crossing the border should be tightened’’
The committee co-chaired by Mr Asman Kamama and Mr Ndungu Githinji visited Mandera County as part of their investigations in to Alshabab’s terror activities in the country.
The committee’s  report further observes that security forces in Mandera are ‘’insignificant’’ and recommended  ‘’employment of more home-guards in Mandera and  re-opening of Administration Police posts such as Damasa, Libihya, Hareri, Khalaliyow and Border Point 1 in order to save lives and properties.’’
Qadarsworld is privy to information that Mandera Governor Ali Roba has, at the expense of tax-payers money, contracted the service of an ex-military officer whose role in the security structure of the county is not clear.

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