Friday, 31 January 2014

Billow Kerrow: Senate will nullify all County Finance bills

The Chairman of the Senate’s Finance, Commerce and Economic Affairs Committee, Billow Kerrow lashed out at the Commission for Revenue Allocatio (CRA) for defending counties for approving unconstitutional laws.
While addressing journalists, the Mandera County Senator trashed CRA’s explanation as ‘’wholly unfounded and baseless’’. The Senator confirmed that counties had 33 billion shillings in their accounts at Central Bank of Kenya. ‘’At no time did Treasury or Controller of Budgets delay transfer to counties’’ said Kerrow.
The Chairman maintained that the taxation laws passed by the counties are ‘’unconstitutional’’ since they did not comply with the provision of article 209 of the constitution. The senate has adopted Kerrow’s led committee report which proposes the outlawing of finance bills adopted by the 47 county assemblies, blamed for the new taxes that have sparked protests in various part of the country.
Billow kerrow promised to formally nullify all County Finance bills when the senate resumes.

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