Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Garissa Women Representative criticize Jubilee Government over Identity Crisis in NEP

Garissa Women Rep Mrs Shukran (center, with red hijab) consulting Garissa women.

Garissa Women Representative Hon Shukran Gure accused the Jubilee government of neglecting North-Eastern residents as if they are not part of Kenya. ‘’We have been crying for so long about I.D cards. We want the government to tell us whether we are Kenyans or where we belong. ‘’ Said Mrs. Shukran.
While speaking at the launch of a development project dubbed ‘’Ugatuzi na kazi’’ (devolution and work) at the sub-county of Daadab, Shukran wondered how the government  can arrest people for lack of I.D cards yet its reluctant to issue them. 
The young, vocal MP directed fierce criticism at the government and even threatened to organize a protest march to Nairobi.
In attendance were same old, usual faces that are behind NEP woes, Senator Yussuf Haji, and Lagdera MP Mohamed Shidiye. Shidiye is famous for his ‘’ KANU would rule for 100 years’’ remark that put him in the political cold for 10 years (2002-2012). I wonder what goes in the mind of the locals when they bring back such useless personalities back to political life. They don’t deserve it!

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  1. senator Yussuf and Hon Shidiye , are jubilee leaders ..your prejudice on the jubilee government is evident....if you are corded ...calling elected leaders useless wont help.focus on your initial headline of ID criss...