Sunday, 26 January 2014

Balambala MP criticize Nathif’s spending

Mr Nathif Jama, Governor Garissa County

Balambala MP Abdikadir Adan has accused Garissa Governor Nathif Jama of abuse of office. The lawmaker popularly known as Abdi-K criticized the governor and county administrators for misusing funds meant for development projects and employing only one section of Garissa. He accused Nathif for spending too much money on unnecessary and expensive trips, both local and international.
Speaking in a function at Balambala, Mr Adan said the trips involve several security vehicles and hired Administration Police band, and urged the national government to put the officers at County government on toes for proper service delivery to the people.

Balambala MP Hon Abdikadir

The county government should use more than 60 percent of the money distributed to them by the national government for development purposes other than employing staffs from one family, insisted the MP.
“Money is here with us now. What we want to see is our leaders sitting down and initiating development projects and utilize the money that is lying idle in their bank accounts,” he said.
He said that the major reason why Kenyans voted overwhelmingly for devolution was to create an avenue for counties to develop and not necessarily for employment purposes.
“Employment at the counties should not overrule the development that our people are yearning for. The leaders must open their eyes for development,” he said.  The legislator termed the governor "enemy’’ of devolution.

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