Tuesday, 21 October 2014

To NEP's peddlers of ethnic hatred on social media and their fellow crackpots

The increasing tribal hostility and rumours spewing from various Pages and Groups related to Facebookers from the restive North in social networking site - Facebook - must be condemned by all peace lovers.

These dudes - some call them internet trolls - are so obsessed with their clans, even when they have nothing to show, as individuals, for being that tribal. They 'pollute' our timelines and normalize acts of violence. Some even have the audacity to call fellow Muslims names that can't be mentioned here.

It is in our best interest to work towards a united and peaceful Northern Kenya so that we can build a bright future for ourselves and our families. For that to be achieved, the peddlers of hatred and their crackpots must be silenced.

Log into any of those pages - you all know them - and what you see can scare you to death. If you are a keen follower of the happenings in the region, you will agree with me that hatred among our people is at its peak. The negative things we post only escalate the violence more than we can imagine. Brethren ItaquAllah (fear Allah). If you have nothing to say -I know each one of us has an opinion - just read others' updates and comment accordingly and responsibly.

A fellow facebooker tagged me his Facebook post, what I assume to be a response to a previous post of mine. First, I don't tag people my posts to seek attention neither do I like my updates. That is un-facebook, if at all there is such a word.

We can agree to disagree but I don't have to insult you to sound brave. Many have done that today. I don't know what the beef is all about! When did debates become personal? When did ideas become personal? Can't we raise issues? Did I mention names?

Lets be civil for a moment. When we learn to debate from an informed perspective devoid of pride and arrogance - you can have a certain arrogance, and I think that's fine, but what you should never lose is the respect for others.

I have been taught not to fight wars that are not mine. I have never been a cheerleader.And I have never been loyal to anyone. Only ideas. We can always walk the talk. Not talk the walk 24/7.

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