Tuesday, 14 October 2014

NEW WONDER : Welcome to the world of our MCAs

The current crop of MCAs are a serious indictment on our society generally and our leadership in particular. If you have been following the news, by now you very well know that their latest victim is H.E Kivutha Kibwana, the governor of Makueni County.

I don't know Governor Kibwana at a personal level neither have I ever met him. The only time I 'saw' him, it was on my TV screen or his photos on the newspapers - I read them religiously. But for the years I have 'known' the good professor, I have known  him as a man of high intellect and integrity completely intolerant of corruption and other shenanigans that accompany holders of high office. I was shocked when those rogue Makueni MCAs purported to have impeached him.

Their drama never ceases. In Wajir County, early this year, the Ward Representatives engaged in fistcuffs and chair throwing over a questionable vote that led to the appointment of a new Clerk. Sometimes early this month, they purported to have impeached one of the county women Executives. The whole drama ended in an ambiguity - they were last seen walking out of the assembly one by one and nobody knows what influenced their walkout. The story has never been different in the counties of Garissa and Mandera.

Our MCAs are like children who visit a supermarket for the first time, see all the lovely goodies and think their dream has just come true. They throw a tantrum at every turn, demanding to have everything on the shelves, the cookies, toys and all. They  exhibit a serious structural problem that requires urgent rethink.

No doubt, many af the MCAs took office with the old councilor mentality only to find themselves being called members of an assembly, complete with a speaker and majority/ minority leaders. They heard that they were supposed to make laws to govern counties, and it dawned on them that they were VIPs.

There and then they demanded to be called waheshimiwa. They googled to find out what honorable people do to travel abroad, use VIP lounges at airports and drive monster vehicles bought by taxpayers. They even want us to take care of their spouses!
Soon, the MCAs may demand to travel in motor Cades complete with outriders and escort. Otherwise, how will the villagers know the MCAs are no small people? By the end of their term in office, MCAs will have become another wonder of the world.

This situation requires urgent intervention if the citizenry is not to be disillusioned by devolution. A Bill by Senator Kindiki which stipulates a jail term of up to two years or Sh500,000 fine, or both, for county assembly members found guilty of misconduct in the county assembly is on the floor of the Senate. The Bill's intention is to regulate behaviour during debate. I totally disagree with Senate and the originator of the Bill.

On this, I side with the MCAs. Who regulate Members of Parliament? MCAs were elected just like the the rogue MPs. The MPs and their fellow confused-octogerians  in the Senate are also not accountable to anyone! They pass laws that only benefit, not Wanjiku, but them. Talk of the pot calling the kettle black.

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