Saturday, 26 December 2015

A road trip to Mombasa and meeting a man I have always admired.

Last week, Friday, 18th December, me and my good friend Ahmed Mohamed -Eastleigh's point man and 'Governor' at large - decided to take a road trip to Mombasa. Though we have been to Mombasa before, this trip was totally a different one for three reasons.

On the road
 One, I was travelling with a story teller. Ahmed - popularly known as @Asmali77 on Twitter, is a close friend, mentor, guardian and big brother all rolled into one - can tell all sort of stories that can make one shriek with laughter. He can translate Somali songs word by word and give you the reason behind each and every song.  Of course we had a full compact of Somali music. The curious beauty of Somali music is that it uplifts even as it tells a sad tale. Probably a true love gone sour. Somali music is often about the inspirations of the Somali people. Indeed we're in a festive mood. Ahmed is the kind of man you will cherish to travel with to anywhere.

Ahmed Asmali deep in the sea

Two, we were looking forward to meet a man we have always admired. A man we have interacted many a time on social media. A man who inspires his followers and fans. Am talking about Mohamed Hersi, CEO of the Heritage Hotels.
A week before we decided to travel, Mohamed shared on Facebook about an event -The White Party themed ‘unleash the courage within’. The White Party, organized by the Mombasa Rotary Club, Nyali branch - Hersi's wife, Mrs Sureya Roble is the president of the club - was meant to raise funds for some charity work the club is engaged in. As the guest speaker, Hersi never disappointed. He gave us an exceptional, inspirational talk that gave everyone in the room a reason to look forward to 2016.
Mohamed is an irreproachable and upstanding man. We also appreciate Mrs Sureya's care and concern during our stay.
Even City lawyer Rahma Jilo was there.

From Left: Ahmedkadar, Mohamed Hersi and Ahmed Asmali

Three, we travelled to Mombasa to unwind, have fun, eat Mombasa's mouth-watering Biriani, drink madafu, rediscover the beaches and all that pertains to Mombasa. We really enjoyed the gorgeous beaches - From the Pirates (I have no idea why it's called the Pirates) to Voyager Beach in Nyali - exciting water sports, vibrant night scene and bustling Mombasa city life. Of course you cant be in Momasa and not visit the famous Kongwea Merket.

Ahmed Asmali with a friend (Baken) shopping at the famous Kongwea Market.

Our journey back to the city was equally thrilling. One day, when I grow up, I will relocate to Mombasa and try to see whether I can make a sense out of a coasterian. Indeed Mombasa is a Cockaigne.Watu wa bwani husema, kama raha yaua, sumu ni ya nini??

Boat ride

At the Voyager Beach Resort Hotel

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