Sunday, 8 November 2015


Welcome to Mandera. Located about 1200 km from the capital city -Nairobi - Mandera is a semi-arid county in North Eastern Kenya.

Mandera has often been described as “the worst place on earth to give birth”. The county with the highest maternal mortality rate. This week the First Lady launched her 33rd Beyond Zero Campaign Clinic in Mandera County. It will go along way in reducing maternal death by 75%. No woman should die while giving life.

Mandera has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Security has really deteriorated. Internecine conflicts and cross- border terrorism have trapped so many of Mandera’s people in poverty and misery. Rather than acting as a deterrent, it strengthened the people's  resolve and they're on the journey of pacifying their county. Things have really improved. Business is booming. Buildings coming up every other day. The glorious days are back!

Mandera has produced world-conquering men and women. Champions such as Senator Billow Kerrow, Senior Counsel Ahmednasir aka the Grand Mullah - Publisher. Newspaper columnist. Tough Advocate. Clothes horse. Hell-raiser. Arsenal FC aficionado and Godfather of Kenya's corridors of justice - as once described by a local daily hail from Mandera County. I know you know that I admire the Grand Mullah a lot and always stick my neck out for him in social media wars.
The Senior Counsel has also coined "The Raila Doctrine, a phrase which has been used to describe how Raila Odinga has been reacting to his losses in Elections in Kenya."

The great Banker and Harvard alumni - former Barclays Bank CEO for East and West Africa - and the current Cabinet Secretary for Trade and Industrialization Hon Adan Mohamed is a Mandarian. So is another Harvard alumni and award winning lawyer Hon Abdikadir Mohamed. Abdikadir, ex-MP for Mandera North constituency, is President Uhuru's Constitutional Advisor.

Vice Chair of Commission for Revenue Allocation Fatuma Sheikh, Fatuma Ali Saman, IPOA Commissioner, Adan Mohamed aka Patel, NCIC Commissioner, Former powerful Rift Valley PC Mr Adan Noor and currently a senior official at the Devolution ministry, Senior lecturer Fatuma Daud, Hadi Sheikh Billow, Commissioner KRA, Ambassador Mahat, Ministry of  Foreign Affairs's Abdishakur Hussein, National Bank of Kenya CEO Munir Sheikh Ahmed and  Mohammed Abdalla, Director of ICT at National Bank, are Manderians too, just to mention a few.

In the 2013 elections, Mandera County was the Tharaka Nithi of Jubilee coalition. It voted 98% for Uhuruto. They're yet to pay back the political debt. Hope UK will soon visit Mandera.

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