Monday, 21 September 2015

Education Crisis: Parents and students are the biggest losers in this standoff

The government's directive that all schools be closed from Monday is going to be a double tragedy for parents. The one million dollar question is: What happens to the fees the parents paid to cover the third term? Will the fees be refunded or will the balance be carried forward to 2016? What was the rationale of sucking in private schools into the crisis? Is Tahidi High affected by the same directive?

There is the possibility that the performance of this year's national examinations may be hampered. KNEC keeps saying that they're ready to administer the exams. Who will supervise the candidates?

The cost of closing schools early and  indefinitely will definitely be an additional burden to the struggling parents of this nation. The unexpected expense of hosting the students at home plus the time and energy required to supervise them to ensure that the time spent at home is well utilised is an additional one many parents can't afford. Clearly parents and students are paying dearly for the teachers strike.

Am shocked that the Senate is agitating for former councillors to be given hefty gratuities and pensions. We are currently facing a cash crisis over teachers' pay and instead of finding a solution, they are championing spending more money. This is foolhardy, reckless and downright immoral!

The union has dug in and is in for the long ride. The government seems unwilling to budge. The only way out is a compromise. For the sake of our children and their parents.

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