Monday, 3 February 2014

Hon Yussuf Hassan spends 5.4 million on needy Kamukunji students

Hon Yuusuf with Kamkunji CDF members.

Kamukunji MP Hon Yussuf Hassan has said his constituency has received constituency development funds (CDF) that will be used to promote education through bursaries across the Constituency. The kitty will also be used for the other developmental projects.
He said students will receive bursaries to ensure those who will be joining form one are assisted and those continuing various courses, either in colleges, universities and even in high school are supported to achieve their dreams.
Kamkunji residents follow the speech of their beloved MP
Hon Yussuf issuing cheques.
While speaking yesterday at a function in his constituency during the presentation of cheques to the over 800 needy students who qualified for the bursary, the MP ensured his constituents that he will serve them to the best of his capacity without any discrimination.
He said he will give education first priority to ensure all students who are gifted academically but come from poor backgrounds are sponsored.
“I will give education first priority to ensure clever students from poor families are sponsored to pursue education,” said the Hon member.
He hailed those students who performed well in the last year’s KCPE exams because they made Kamukunji people proud. Yussuf also thanked teachers and education stakeholders in Kamukunji for their hard work in schools and asked them to continue with the same spirit.He also thanked the CDF committee chaired by the young, passionate and development oriented Abdiaziz Mohamed Hirsi.
Hon Yussuf is the first Muslim and Kenyan Somali to be the member of Parliament for Kamkunji, a constituency that has previously been represented in Parliament by great men, the likes of freedom fighter and nationalist, the late Tom Mboya.
Yussuf who is serving a full first term though he first won a by-election in 2010, has really transformed  the face of Eastleigh, the business hub of Kamukunji and and one of the greatest contributors of revenue to City Hall by ensuring its infrastructure is up to the standard of ‘’ a city within a city’’.

Below is a breakdown of the bursary and the speech of Hon Yussuf Hassan, MP Kamukunji
Some of the needy students

The total applicants were 900 but 881 qualified to benefit .
The total allocation was Shs. 5,426,500
Colleges got -Shs1,040,000-  with 130 students
Day schools got - Shs 1,390,000- with 278 students
Boarding Schools got-Shs 2,996,500- with 462 students

Last allocation was 5,048,000
Driving was 6,453,400

Cheques  officially handed-over by the MP:  the cheques of
                                                                       1. Kamukunji Sec Sch.---Kshs 50,000
                                                                    2. Maina Wanjigi sec.  --- Kshs  85,000
                                                                    3. Eastleigh High Sch.-----Kshs 140,000
                                                                    4.Eastleigh Community Educ---- Kshs 25,000
                                                                    5.Pumwani Girls Sec -------------Kshs 45,000
                                                                    6. St. Teresa Girls sec------------Kshs 15,000
                                                                    7.Ourlady of mercy sec---------Kshs  91,000
                                                                    8.St. Tersa boys sec------------------Kshs 60,000
                                                                    9. Pumwani Sec Sch----------------Kshs 52,000&

 "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

"I am passionate about education. As a youngster, I learned how to think and to write at school - from primary school to university - which greatly contributed to expanding my horizons and knowledge.

Without education my options and prospects would have been limited, like those of my pastoralist ancestors. Education has lifted me from darkness to light and enabled me to achieve a better and brighter future.

I am convinced that education is one of the fundamental building blocks of society, of its development and its prosperity.

And that's why I strongly support education for Kamukunji's children and youth. I firmly believe that it will give them the same foundation I have been privileged to have, which if they work hard and sacrifice will open new venues and allow them to scale to new heights.

I was mightily pleased this morning to have presided over the 2014 Kamukunji CDF bursaries award ceremony at Kamukunji Secondary School. Some 881 bright and needy students were luck to have clinched this year's award. The CDF will spend Shs 5.4 million to pay for the fees of some 462 boarding pupils, 278 day students and 130 university students.

I wish them all every success and the best of luck"

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